Technical Office

Our technical office helps our customers to concretize their ideas.
We are able to design moulds, tooling and products, thanks to avant-guarde software that enable the elaboration of all 2D and 3D files. 




It consists of 9 thermoforming machines that can mould also big articles. The starting sheet thickness can vary from a few tenths of a millimetre to more than one centimetre.




Our cutting department makes use of both manual and automatic cutting machines. It also comprises three 5-Axis CNC machining centres, suitable for articles of any shape, even with big dimensions.


Our finish department is responsible for burr removal, gluing, welding, final check, and packaging of the articles produced.




Our warehouse has a large availability of different types of material in various thicknesses and colours, and this helps us to quickly satisfy the need of productions or samplings. Besides, it allows the storage of our customers' moulds and tooling, whenever required.



Additional services

Thanks to our solid and reliable partnerships, we are able to meet specific requests concerning serigraphy, digital printing, foaming, metallisation, laser cutting and much more.